Umba Ditches Kenyans, Prefers Offering Mobile Loans To Nigerians

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Beatha Technology, the providers of Umba loan app have earned the wrath of a section of Kenyan borrowers after their latest stunt.

Earlier on in the year, the Umba app has been missing from the Playstore and upon its re-emergence, users noticed a revamped user interface as well as additional features.

The overall transformation of the app promised an easier, smoother and better experience with the developers terming it as africa’s leading digital bank.

However, there was a slight drawback to this improved app since it was missing a very important feature that once made it a selling point to Kenyans.

This feature was the loan option!

Kenyan users who installed the Umba app frantically searched for this loan option to no avail and resorted to inquiring about its absence

One user inquired whether they offered loans to which the reply was ‘we currently don’t offer lending services to Kenyan’ as indicated by the below screenshot captured via Umba’s official facebook page.

umba missing loan button

Apart from the above Umba reply, there has been no official communication on why they have stopped loaning to Kenyans. However, keen users can notice that all their current content is targeted towards the Nigerian market.

Previously, Umba offered mobile loans to Kenyans with amounts ranging from Ksh250 to Ksh70,000 with interest rates of between 1-15% per month.


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