Ubapesa To Continue With Loan Disbursements Throughout COVID-19


Borrowers can now breathe easy after Ubapesa confirmed that it would still issue loans during the ongoing pandemic.

This comes amidst complaints of borrowers’ loan requests being declined by majority of mobile lenders as well as financial institutions.

One borrower lamented of how she would repay her loan upon due date and immediately borrow another. However, this time she was shocked when she was denied a subsequent loan despite her being timely on her repayments.

These circumstances led to other borrowers withholding repayments in fear that they would also suffer the same fate of their loan applications being rejected.

Ubapesa on the other hand, assured borrowers of ‘covering’ them during this tough economic times via a post on their Facebook page.


The lender considers its platform as Kenya’s #1 loan lending and borrowing app whereby users earn returns through interests gained by lending each other loans.

Borrowers or lenders can register by downloading the Ubapesa app from the playstore for free.

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