Try This Fuliza Hack To Instantly Increase Your Limit! [2023]


Fuliza is an overdraft service from Safaricom that allows MPesa customers to complete their MPesa transactions when they have insufficient funds in their MPesa account.

Upon activation, new members are usually allocated limits which are increased over time depending on one’s active usage of the Safaricom services inclusive of MPesa.

Similarly, other popular loan apps in Kenya are also dependent on a variety of factors in order to increase loan limits. Below are some of the loan apps and how to increase their respective loan limits.

However, such increases are only effected after a 3-month duration review by Safaricom.

Benefits Of Fuliza

i) Convenience: Fuliza is easily accessible without the need of going through any application process.

ii) Builds credit score: Regular utilization and timely repayment of Fuliza contributes to a positive credit score over time.

iii) Low daily interest rates: Fuliza offers low interest rates in comparison to other credit facilities such as loan apps.

iv) Emergency fund: Fuliza is readily accessible in the event of financial emergencies.

v) Flexible limits: Fuliza limits are automatically assigned depending on your frequency usage of M-Pesa services and Fuliza repayment.

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vi) Withdrawable: Fuliza amounts can be withdrawn at any M-Pesa agent.

vii) Favorable repayment duration: Fuliza has a repayment duration of 30 days after which a penalty is effected.

viii) No limit reduction on late repayments: Late Fuliza repayments do not result in limit reductions. However, access to the service will be restricted until full repayment is done.

ix) No CRB checks: Fuliza is available to all inclusive of blacklisted individuals.

Limitations Of Fuliza

i) High fees & interest charges: continuous Fuliza usage without timely repayments may result in a growing balance and financial strain.

ii) Debt trap: over-reliance on Fuliza may ultimately lead to a debt cycle.

iii) Direct deduction: Fuliza repayments are done instantly upon receipt of funds to your M-Pesa wallet which may lead to inconveniences especially if the funds are for other intended purposes.

iv) Transaction limits: Fuliza has a daily transaction limit of Ksh70,000

v) Limit increase period: By norm, Fuliza limits can only be reviewed after every three months subject to MPesa frequency usage and repayment patterns whereby some may consider this period too long.

Why Your Fuliza Limit Is Always Zero Or Not Increasing

As previously stated, Fuliza limits are determined by how many times you perform various transactions via the MPesa platform.

However, this might not be the case especially if you have an outstanding balance with any MPesa related loans such as Mshwari.

Regardless of the amount of MPesa transactions you might perform, your Fuliza limit may stagnate for prolonged periods unless you clear the outstanding balances.

Consequently, this issue has led some to seek alternative methods of increasing Fuliza limits thereby landing them in the hands of opportunistic fraudsters dealing a variety of scams.

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Popular Fuliza Limit Increase Scams

a) Impersonation scams: Fraudsters may pose as Safaricom (the company) or its employees by creating false pages/profiles on popular social media platforms.

Such profiles may then be used to request for personal information or manually increase your Fuliza limit using their systems in exchange for payment.

This scam is mostly common in Facebook

b) Fuliza increase software: As the name suggests, scammers may purport to sell software or applications that increase Fuliza limits.You may further be lured with doctored images and manipulated videos of said software in action.

This scam is mostly common in Telegram.

c) Fuliza increase advertisements: Scammers may also create misleading adverts regarding Fuliza limit increasing services complete with limit amounts and their respective ‘activation fees’.

In addition, edited M-Pesa messages displaying before & after limit increases may be posted alongside to enhance gullibility.

This scam is mostly common on Facebook and Whatsapp.

d) Codes to increase Fuliza limit: Scammers may also claim to possess Fuliza codes that instantly increase Fuliza limits when entered. This scam may be achieved with either prior payments or payment after service whereby the code may be used to compromise your MPesa account.

This scam is mostly common on Facebook.

e) Fake testimonials: A testimonial refers to a review of a particular product/service by a customer who has benefited from it and is usually aimed at endorsing the service provider.

This trick is usually rampant within the comment section of the fake pages/profiles/posts of the scammers  whereby their accomplices give fake reviews of how their Fuliza limits have been successfully increased.

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Can Fuliza Limits Be Increased Instantly?

With the ongoing Fuliza limit increase scams going around, it might seem that there is no foolproof way of increasing your Fuliza limit.

However, there seems to be a glitch in the matrix, if some of the comments by members of this popular mobile loans facebook group are anything to go by.


One member recently discovered that he could beat the Safaricom systems and bypass the 3-month wait for a Fuliza limit review and instantly increase his limit ten-fold!

This triggered a myriad of comments whereby this was replicated by a section of members who admitted that it was indeed possible but there was a 50/50 chance that one’s limit would increase or alternatively be reset back to zero!

So, what is the trick? You might ask.

Well, it’s simple. Just Opt Out then Opt back In. #OptOutOptIn

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