OpenPay Review [2023]: How It Works, Apply For, Limit, Contacts


OpenPay is a buy now, pay later service that anyone can get provided they meet the OpenPay requirements of being at least 18 years of age with a valid ID/passport, possess two contact phone numbers, a valid email address as well as a valid debit/credit card.

Once the above eligibility criteria have been made, one can proceed and sign up or apply for OpenPay through their OpenPay app available both at the Google playstore or the Apple store.

Additionally, one can also apply for OpenPay at the Checkout option for participating merchants.

During the OpenPay registration process, applicants are required to submit personal information such as their names, date of birth, residential address, email address, debit/credit card information, Passport/ID information and Medicare information.

Furthermore, OpenPay also conducts credit checks in addition to requesting for validation documents as part of their identity verification steps.

Once the OpenPay application has been approved, your available spending limit will be displayed on the home screen up to a maximum OpenPay limit of $3000 for eligible users.

By ensuring the items being purchased are within the available spending limit, users can proceed and spread out their payment plan from 1-24 months through weekly or fortnightly installments.

However, you will need money in your account to use OpenPay since you are required to pay upfront 20% of the total item cost price as the first OpenPay payment/installment.

Afterwards, you will be required to make payments as per the installment due dates via the Pay Now option. One can also make early Openpay payments.

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In the event that repayment cannot be made on the scheduled due dates, you are required to contact OpenPay via phone or email before the due date so as not to incur any late fee charges.

OpenPay is available to select participating merchants and retailers and can be used at Woolworths, Bunnings, Nike etc


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