Obtain business licences

They say to have a good education is to have a good and prosperous life. Though it may sound optimistic as such, we are set aback with the reality that even with the much coveted University degree, you are not promised a smooth future when it comes to employment.

It may have been drilled to some of us since childhood that one may not get anywhere without a proper education for securing a proper job that pays well. So many of us dwell so much on being employed without giving so much thought on self employment.

Have you ever sat down to wonder how some of these employers got to employ you in the first place? It all started with perhaps a vision, loads of commitments, hardwork and of course perseverance in-order to be able to earn a living for themselves and also enable you the employee also earn a living.

Also ask yourself, if everyone is out to become an employee, who will create jobs???

There may be a handful of visionaries out there who dream of starting worldwide re-known companies or perhaps just starting a small business to make ends meet. However they lack the proper information channels to starting up a legitimate business in Kenya.

Well, worry no more for if you need official requirements on running a business or obtaining business license in Kenya, you can check out this website