Score a Loan Without CRB Check: Top Loan Apps in Kenya to Get Quick Cash

Loan Apps Without CRB Check In Kenya

Financial freedom is a state that has sometimes proven elusive even to the financially adept due to life’s numerous eventualities.

This has seen majority have their assets repossessed, mortgaged homes foreclosed or even worse file for bankruptcy in the event that debts outweigh income.

The outcome of debt is no different to users of loan apps.

Despite their lack of security a term commonly referred to as unsecured, defaulters of such loan apps may face unorthodox means of coercion by lenders to facilitate repayment.

Nonetheless, the final destination of all defaulters usually ends at the CRB.

CRB is an acronym for Credit Reference Bureau whose mandate is to maintain a database of an individual’s credit profile which can be accessed by financial institutions during a loan application process.

This may lead to a borrower being granted or denied a loan advancement depending on their credit history.

However, not all lenders opt for this route. Below, we look at some of the loan apps that do not check CRB status during loan approvals.

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Okash is a loan app provided by OneSpot Technology Investment Ltd.

As long as borrowers can meet their eligibility criteria below which is outlined within their Okash loan app.

OKash loans are not limited your profession, income, or any other conditions. As long as you are 20-55 years old, you have a fixed income and phone number, you can apply for an OKash loan.

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Okash loans range from Ksh2,500 to Ksh50,000 at interest rates of between 14-16% at repayment durations of ’91’ or ’92’ days.

However, their interest rates are usually deducted prior to loan disbursement thus borrowers will end up with an amount less than what they had initially applied for.

Interested borrowers can download the Okash loan app via the playstore and register via our promo code ‘ACEXN’


Opesa loan app is usually referred to as the sister to Okash loan app due to their similarities in operations.

Nonetheless, Opesa loan app is provided by TK Limited.

Opesa’s decision during loan approvals below can be found within the app and is basically based on a borrower’s phone data e.g handset details, MPESA/Mshwari financial transactions and reason for borrowing.

This is further combined with a user’s repayment history so as to generate an individualized credit score that will determine the loan offer suitable to the borrower.

Opesa loans range from Ksh2,000 to Ksh50,000 at 14-16% interest rates repayable within ’91’ or ’92’ days.

Like Okash, Opesa loan app also deducts interest upfront.

Borrowers can download the Opesa loan app via the playstore and register via our promo code ACJHZG


M-Fanisi is a loan service offered by Maisha microfinance bank.

In-order to be eligible, applicants must be 18 years and above and have an active M-PESA transaction record.

M-Fanisi loans rage from Ksh200 to Ksh25,000 at a 10% interest rate repayable within 30 days from the date of disbursement.

To access M-Fanisi loans, borrowers can download the M-Fanisi loan app from the playstore or use their M-Fanisi loan USSD code *281# for Safaricom subscribers or *222# for Airtel subscribers.

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Tala loan app is a product of Tala Mobile.

Decisions for loan approvals from Tala are usually based on a user’s phone data entailing phone model, M-PESA financial transactions as well as answers provided during application.

Tala loans range from Ksh500 to Ksh30,000 with varying interest rates of between 5-15% depending on the repayment duration of 21/30 days.

Borrowers can access Tala loans by downloading the Tala loan app from the playstore.


Mokash is a product offered by Mocash. They offer loans of between Ksh1000 to Ksh30,000 for a period of 8 days.

To access Mokash loans, applicants need to download the Mokash loan app from the Google playstore.


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