List Of Alternative KPLC Paybill Numbers To Buy Tokens [2023]

One of the benefits of having a range of options is that it provides a sense of security in the form of a back-up in the event others fail.  

Similarly, majority of KPLC prepaid consumers are only accustomed to the official prepaid token paybill number 888880 which constantly suffers system issues.

Did you know that there are other alternative KPLC paybill numbers to buy Kplc tokens?

Below are some of these alternative KPLC paybill numbers which you can use to buy KPLC tokens in-case the KPLC paybill number is not working.

Dynamo Pawa


Pawa is a simple, fast, and secure way of purchasing KPLC tokens either through Paybill or Whatsapp as outlined in the steps below. 

Buy Dynamo Pawa tokens via Paybill

  1. Go to M-PESA,
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA,
  3. Select Pay Bill,
  4. Enter business no. “800904 “, 
  5. Enter Account no. “Enter your Kenya Power meter/ account no.”,
  6. Enter Amount,
  7. Enter M-PESA PIN.

Buy Dynamo Pawa tokens via Whatsapp

To initiate this method, you need to first download and install the Whatsapp app from the Playstore/ AppStore depending on your device. If you already have the app installed, proceed with the steps below

  1. Save the number +254709279000 to your contact list.
  2. Launch Whatsapp and refresh your contact list by clicking on the message icon located at the bottom right of the app, tap on the 3 dot menu icon located at the top right then click ‘Refresh’
  3. Once the saved contact appears on your Whatsapp contact list, tap on it and simply send the text ‘HELLO’
  4. You will then receive a reply welcoming you to Dynamo Digital’s Whatsapp application in addition to service options such as token purchase, recent tokens, invalid meter purchase and paybill.
  5. Reply with Option 1: Token purchase
  6. Enter your 11-digit meter number
  7. Enter purchase amount of between 10 – 20,000
  8. Select your preferred mode of payment i.e Mpesa/Card/Wallet
  9. Select Option 1: Mpesa
  10. Select Option 1: Confirm
  11. You will receive a confirmation reply of the purchase as well as an STK Mpesa pop-up requiring you to input your Mpesa PIN
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Jazapay is a platform that allows one to purchase airtime as well as make bill payments directly from one’s MPESA account. In-order to make KPLC token purchases via Jazapay, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Dial *415# from a Safaricom network handset
  2. Select Option 2: KPLC
  3. Select Option 1: Buy KPLC Prepaid Tokens
  4. Enter your prepaid meter number ( it shall be saved automatically for easier future purchases)
  5. Enter amount ( minimum Ksh20 )
  6. If confirmation details are correct, select Option 1: Yes
  7. An STK MPESA popup prompt will require you to input your Mpesa PIN to finalize the transaction.


tingg logo

Tingg is a payment platform that requires availability of funds in one’s preferred wallet account in-order to effect a transaction.

One popular transaction that can be made via Tingg is the purchase of KPLC tokens either via Ussd or Tingg app. To do so, you need to follow the below procedures.

Buy Tingg tokens via Ussd

  1. Dial *369# from a Safaricom network enabled SIM card
  2. Select Option 5: KPLC
  3. Select Option 2: KPLC Tokens
  4. Select your account from the list provided ( if unavailable, proceed and enter an account manually )
  5. Enter your amount
  6. If confirmation details are accurate, proceed and select option 1: Pay Now
  7. Select option 1 for Payment method as Mpesa
  8. An Mpesa STK popup menu prompt will require to enter your MPESA PIN to complete the transaction.

Buy Tingg tokens via App 

  1. Download and install the Ting app from the Playstore
  2. Complete the registration process by entering your phone number and inputting the 4-digit activation key sent via SMS
  3. Tap on the ‘Power’ tab
  4. Click on the ‘+’ symbol located at the bottom right.
  5. Under the Power menu, tap ‘KPLC Prepaid’
  6. Enter your Meter number and tap on ‘Get Bill’
  7. Enter your amount and select your preferred payment method i.e Mpesa/Airtel/Equitel/Visa/DTB
  8. (Optional) In case, you do not have sufficient funds, you could request someone to pay on your behalf by enabling the toggle switch and entering their contacts.
  9. Select PROCEED on the popup message
  10. An Mpesa STK popup menu prompt will require to enter your MPESA PIN to complete the transaction.
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vendit 1

VendIT is an alternative payment method for customers to buy prepaid tokens as well as pay postpaid bills for electricity using paybill number 501200 which is available across all mobile network operators. 

To purchase tokens via vendIT, check out our previous article



Pesapal provides a simple, safe and secure way for individuals and businesses to make and accept payments in Kenya. It offers extensive payment options which include major mobile network providers such as Mpesa and Airtel Money. 

To purchase KPLC prepaid tokens via PesaPal, check out our previous article.


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    The Dynamo one doesn’t work. I bought token two days ago and still haven’t received anything!

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