How To Get Cleared From CRB Without Paying For Clearance Certificate In 2023


According to statistics, over 3.2 million Kenyans are listed with CRB as of early 2020 with majority of such listings being as a result of default in digital loans.

However, this numbers are set to rise owing to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic which has rendered most businesses obsolete and has left many people jobless.

Nonetheless, being listed in CRB should not be akin to a death sentence.

With patience and financial discipline, you can slowly crawl out of the debt pit and proceed to lead a CRB-free life.

But to attain this, you need to first clear the outstanding loan balances with the institution that forwarded your details for blacklisting.

Once you have ascertained that all overdue amounts are repaid, it is upon the institution to send this information to CRB so that your record can be updated.

Depending on the institution’s policies, this can be done daily, weekly or even monthly.

This should be enough to get you cleared from CRB!

However, there are situations like job interviews which require proof that you are not listed with CRB.

For such, you will need to request for a clearance certificate which costs Ksh2,200 from any of the 3 licensed credit bureaus.


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