How To Fuliza Airtime Credit For Safaricom, Airtel Or Telkom In 2023

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Fuliza is arguably Safaricom’s successful product if statistics are anything to go by.

It has been reported that within the first 6 months of its launch, users had already borrowed Ksh81 billion through the service which translates to roughly Ksh13.5 billion per month.

Considering that this figure is only from its Fuliza overdraft service, if you factor in figures from voice and data subscriptions and other services, it is no wonder that Safaricom is the most profitable company in Kenya.

Fuliza can be accessed through opting in via USSD *234# whereby assigned limits are fully dependent on one’s usage of the Mpesa platform.

If you need to further increase your Fuliza limit, you can try out this hack or continue using Safaricom and Mpesa frequently as well as making timely repayments.

Besides completing Lipa Na Mpesa transactions, the fuliza service can also be used to repay mobile loans, advance loans to oneself through withdrawing the funds as well as buying airtime.

To fulfill the latter, you will need to:

Go to Mpesa menu, select Paybill and enter the business number 220220.

At the Account no section, you will need to enter the number of the mobile network which you want to Fuliza airtime for.

To Fuliza airtime for:

Safaricom: Enter the prefix ‘SAFC’ followed by the mobile number ie SAFC07** *** ***

Airtel: Enter the prefix ‘AIRT’ followed by the mobile number i.e AIRT07** *** ***

Telkom: Enter the prefix ‘TELK’ followed by the mobile number i.e TELK07** *** ***

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If you feel that the Fuliza service is not for you, you can always choose to opt out.


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