How To Download And Save Youtube Videos On Android


Since YouTube’s official app only allows downloads that are restricted within the app meaning that you cannot save any downloaded media externally and also some videos do not allow downloading.

An alternative app that can be used to download YouTube videos effortlessly can be downloaded from here

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, open it and you will be greeted by the home screen. From here, the featured videos displayed to you will be determined by the region in which you have based the settings on.

To do so, you need to click on the ‘Me’ icon located at the bottom right of the screen, this will direct you to your personalized app profile showing your account picture and email address used during registration.

Under the settings menu, you have a variety of options to choose from depending on your preferences.


1. Contents settings: you can change the app’s default language,content location as well as activate restricted mode which basically filters inappropriate content from in-app search results as well as featured videos.

2. Picture in Picture mode: enables/disables pop-up window function

3. Clipboard link identification: Any external video URL links will be automatically picked up by snap tube and will generate a download icon to download the video.

4. YouTube search result optimization: optimizes the search results when you search for a video on you tube web.

5. Night mode: toggles between day and night mode.

6. Music control bar: displays the music control bar in snap tube interface when music is playing.

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Downloading Videos

To actually download any video is pretty straightforward and simple;

1. Search for any video title e.g 50 cent video and the search results will come up and alongside each is a download icon and a 3-dotted menu.

2. Click on the download icon, will give provide you with a list of options to choose from regarding your download i.e whether to download it in audio format only (mp3 ) or video format. For this example, let’s download it as 480P video.


3. Clicking on that option will provide you with the download button whereby pressing it will commence the download process.

4. To access your downloaded files, go to the ‘My files’ option at the bottom and voila, your downloaded video will be there.


5. To play it click on the 3 dotted menu beside it and choose, ‘Play as music’. This will in-turn provide you with a set of options to do so via any media apps you may have installed in your phone.


In this scenario, lets use VLC, and without any hitches, the video begins playing.


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