How To Check MCo-op Cash Loan Balance In 2023

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MCo-op cash is a mobile banking app provided by Cooperative bank account holders. In addition to making banking services easily accessible, it is also an avenue with which its users can access mobile loan facilities such as salary advances and business loans.

However, in-order to access either of the above, one needs to qualify for MCo-op cash loans whereby they can proceed to make a loan application for up-to Ksh200,000 repayable within a maximum period of 3 months.

Upon successful loan approval, the money will be deposited into the MCo-op cash account and can thus be transferred to one’s M-Pesa wallet. In-case of any loan balance inquiries, one can do so via the two options below:

Via MCo-op cash App

Login to the MCo-op cash loan app downloadable from the Playstore or Appstore

On the app’s homepage, click on the ‘loans’ menu and select ‘loan balance’

If you have a running loan facility, a 20 character alphanumeric code will be displayed by default then click ‘check balance’

Via Ussd

Dial *667# and enter your 4-digit PIN to login

Select option 3: Loans

Select option 1: Loan enquiries

Select option 1: Loan balance

Select option 1 for the default loan account

( You will receive a notification indicating the charges for the balance inquiry which includes transaction charge and excise duty )

Once satisfied with the transaction details, proceed with confirmation.


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