How To Change KUCCPS Course In 2023

KUCCPSKenya University & Colleges Central Placement Service commonly referred to as KUCCPS is a Kenyan establishment tasked with the selection of students to institutions of higher learning.

Depending on the cluster points that one attains after completion of KCSE, KUCCPS therefore assigns a programme relevant to such qualifications.

However, there are those that may not prefer the allocated programmes and would thus wish to transfer to a preferred programme of their choice.

In this scenario, KUCCPS allows the changing of courses or institutions online. However, this can only happen upon qualification as far as the clusters are concerned, since clusters vary even for similar courses.

Below is the procedure of how to change a course in KUCCPS.

How To Login Into KUCCPS portal

Unlike other institution portals like Helb, KUCCPS does not require one to create an account since they have already been created during the allocation phase.

All one needs to do is login to their individual accounts for access. To do this,

  • Go to the KUCCPS student portal
  • Click on ‘Login’
  • Input your KCSE index number
  • Input your KCSE year
  • Input password which can either be KCPE index number or birth certificate number.
  • Click ‘Login’ to access your dashboard.

On the dashboard, there will be a statistical display of programmes for pursuants of degrees, diplomas, certificates and artisans as well as institutions such as universities and colleges.

In addition, there are several menus that perform various functions such as ‘Application/Revision’, ‘Transfers’, ‘Programmes’  etc

How To Change Course In KUCCPS

Before making an application to change a course in KUCCPS, one should ensure that they meet the necessary requirements such as;

  • Prior placement to the programme that one is seeking to transfer from.
  • Meet all the minimum requirements for the course to be transferred to.
  • Meet all the applicable cut-off points to degree programmes for respective placement years.
  • Selected programme must have been on offer during the year of the applicant’s placement
  • Applicants can only transfer to one programme at a time.
  • Transfer can only be done once throughout the programme’s period.

Once the above conditions have been met, proceed with the below 3 steps to change your course in KUCCPS.

Step 1

Click on ‘Transfers’ whereby you will be able to view your initial placement such as programme and institution.

Under this menu, you will be required to input a programme code so as to proceed.

To obtain this code, click on ‘Programmes’ which is a list of programmes offered across degree, diploma, certificate and artisan choices.

Select your preferred programme to view all the institutions offering it.

Once settled on a preferred choice, copy its programme code and paste it in the respective empty field available under the ‘Transfer’ menu.

Step 2

You are required to select a reason for transfer as well as explain the  reason for your transfer and attach supporting documents.

( Note: The narration should be 300 words or more but not exceeding 600 words. You will NOT proceed to the next step unless the above word counts have been met )

Step 3

Upon meeting the above word counts, the payment option will be made available.

To make payment, use the below details;

  • Paybill number: 820201
  • Account number: *your KCSE number and index number*
  • Amount: Ksh1,000

Once the transaction is completed, copy the Mpesa transaction code and input into the respective field and await processing to finalize.

The above are the only steps that require the applicant’s input.

As for the remainder of the process, it will require the endorsement of both the receiving and releasing institutions, review of the application by KUCCPS and if approval is granted, the transfer letter shall be released.


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