How To Apply Timiza Loan And Withdraw From Timiza Account To Mpesa [2023]

timiza apply loan

How To Apply For Timiza Loan

Upon opening the Timiza app, your loan limit shall be calculated and displayed to you

Click on ‘Request an instant loan’

On the next screen, input the amount that you would like to borrow (Note: this amount should be within your loan limit)

Once done, click on ‘Continue’

You will be directed to the next page requiring you to confirm details. On this page, you will be shown details of your loan such as interest, facilitation fee as well as the total amount repayable and its due date.

Click on ‘Request loan’ to proceed

The subsequent screen will notify you that your loan request has been successfully submitted and that you shall receive a response shortly.

Click on ‘Done’ to proceed

Once the loan has been approved, it shall be deposited into your Timiza account.

How To Withdraw from Timiza Account To Mpesa

Click on ‘My Timiza Account

Tap on ‘Withdraw’

Note: The disbursed amount will be less than the approved amount due to the transaction fees incurred while transferring the amount from Timiza account to your Mpesa account.


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