How To Add Spouse To NHIF Without Marriage Certificate In 2023

How To Add Spouse To NHIF Without Marriage Certificate In 2022

NHIF membership is usually limited to one spouse and any additional spouses requires individual covers implying one NHIF cover cannot accommodate 2 wives/husbands.

One requirement of adding a spouse to NHIF is to provide evidence of union as man and wife through the submission of a marriage certificate.

However, most domestic unions in Kenya lack official marriage certificates due to various arrangements such as customary weddings or ‘come-we-stay’ relationships.

Fortunately, lack of a marriage certificate does not prevent the addition of a spouse to a NHIF cover.

Below is how one can add, remove or change a spouse in NHIF without a marriage certificate.

How To Add Spouse To NHIF Without Marriage Certificate

To add a spouse to NHIF without marriage certificate, you are required to visit any of the huduma centres in Kenya and present a copy of your national ID and a copy of an affidavit from an advocate/magistrate/commissioner of oaths.

In this case, the affidavit acts as a ‘marriage certificate’ and can be obtained at average Kes1,000 at any reputable lawyer’s firm.

Note: It takes approximately 28 days for NHIF to be active after adding a spouse.

How to Remove Spouse From NHIF Cover

Removing a spouse from an NHIF cover can be as a result of either divorce or death.

In each of the above circumstances, you are required to physically visit my of the huduma centers and provide either a copy of divorce certificate or death certificate respectively as well as copy of your national ID

How to Change Spouse In NHIF Cover

Similar to removing a spouse from NHIF, one can also opt to change a spouse.

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Therefore, to do this, simply visit any huduma centre available countrywide and submit a copy of your ID card and either divorce/death certificate as well as a copy of signed affidavit from an advocate/magistrate/commissioner of oaths inorder to add the new spouse.


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