How Much Is Kyeop Grant And Who Is Eligible To Apply In 2023?

KYEOP is a government initiative aimed at improving the lives of Kenyan youth between the ages of 18-35 years through the provision of life skills training such as social skills & relationships, emotional skills and brainstorming skills needed to succeed in life and face challenges.

In addition, the programme also provides capital through grants to help the youth start or expand existing businesses.

Who Is Eligible For Kyeop Grant?

To receive Kyeop grants, an applicant must be;

  • A Kenyan citizen
  • Aged between 18-29 years
  • Possess a national ID card
  • Unemployed
  • A form 4 leaver
  • Within the listed KYEOP implementing counties

How To Apply For KYEOP Grant

Navigate to the KYEOP Portal and complete the KYEOP application process.

Upon completion, you will receive a notification stating that your application has been received as well as be assigned a reference number.

In addition, you will also receive an SMS detailing the same information with additional details such as date of birth, national ID number, gender, education level as well as employment status.

Few weeks after application, you will receive test questions via SMS. Upon completion you will receive an SMS invitation from KYEOP to attend orientation to their specified training center.

For the orientation, you are supposed to;

  • Be physically present at the assigned venue.
  • Carry your original ID and photocopies
  • Avail your banking details

Note: During the implementation of social distancing during the COVID period, applicants had the option of online KYEOP self activation.

Once all the above details have been captured, you will be required to wait for 8 months in order to receive your KYEOP grant which will be communicated through SMS once it has been disbursed to your account.

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KYEOP start up grants are Ksh40,000 disbursed in two tranches of Ksh20,000 each.

If you do not receive your grant, there maybe an issue with bounce-backs caused by;

  • Name mismatch
  • Wrong account number
  • Wrong bank or branch code
  • Inactive account

Therefore, to resolve the above issue, you will be required to accurately update your banking details for KYEOP grant beneficiaries.

Below are some of the required information;

  • ARN number
  • County of orientation attendance
  • National ID number
  • Beneficiary name as per ID card
  • Select the KYEOP cycle which you attended the orientation
  • Bank name, branch and account number
  • Reason for updating the bank details
  • Phone number

The KYEOP beneficiaries bank details update form can be found here.


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