How Long It Takes To Reverse Mpesa Transaction [2023]

How Long It Takes To Reverse Mpesa Transaction

If you are reading this, you are probably among the over 41 million M-Pesa subscribers contributing to Safaricom’s annual billion shilling profits.

Achieving such statistics is no mean feat considering that M-Pesa is one of the most popular forms of money transfer not only locally but internationally integrating with some of the world renowned brands such as PayPal and World Remit.

With its ease of accessibility through the Sim toolkit as well as downloadable apps provided by Safaricom, the service has achieved 15.2 billion transactions as at March 2021.

Despite its convenience, a fraction of M-Pesa users are experiencing loss of funds occasioned by wrong number transactions thereby leading to the giant telco’s adoption of the Hakikisha service to curb it.

Regardless of Safaricom’s intervention, wrong number transactions are still rampant leading to numerous reversal requests per day.

In the event you experience such, below are some of the reversal procedures to undertake for some of the common scenarios and how long the Mpesa reversal process will take to finalize.

NOTE: These processes should be done immediately after realization of funds transfer to the wrong number.

How To Reverse Funds Sent To The Wrong Till Number

A till number is a payment option under the ‘LIPA NA MPESA’ service that enables its users to pay for goods and services.

For transactions made to the wrong till number, you are required to either;

  • Call 100/234 for prepaid, 200 for postpaid customers or 2134 from Lipa Na MPesa till whereby Safaricom will request the receipt merchant to initiate a reversal at no extra cost or penalties.
  • Send a text message to 234 via the Mpesa registered line used to receive payments collected at the till. The message should be in the format ‘Reverse_Transaction ID’
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How To Reverse Funds Sent To The Wrong Phone Number

For transactions done to the wrong number, copy the entire confirmation message and send to the number 456

How To Reverse Funds Sent Wrongly From An Mpesa Agent

If you are an Mpesa Agent and you happen to make a wrong transaction, you can initial reversal request by doing the following;

  • Dial *234# and select option 3: ‘Mpesa Agent Services’ followed by option 1: ‘Reversal Request’.
  • Alternatively, you can also forward the Mpesa transaction SMS to the number 2530.

After initiating any of the above reversal requests, the Mpesa reversal process will take around 24-48 hours to have the funds reversed to the sender.

Please note that if the recipient has already withdrawn the amount, the reversal will not take place. In this instance, the sender can opt to contact the recipient to manually resend the funds.

If the recipient is unwilling to do so, then it is regarded as a criminal offence punishable through jail-time or fine of up to Ksh 200,000 and should be reported immediately to the police.


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