Highlights Of Kenya’s Covid-19 Economic Stimulus Programme

Economic Stimulus Package

The 8-point economic stimulus programme is a plan aimed at mitigating the negative effects of the covid-19 pandemic by stimulating economic growth while cushioning families and companies.

1. Infrastructure – Ksh5 billion

  • This is to enable hiring of local labor and rehabilitation of access roads and footbridges.

2. Education – Ksh6.5 billion

  • This will cater for the hiring of 10,000 teachers and 1,000 ICT interns in the advancement of digital learning as well as acquiring of 250,000 locally made desks.

3. Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs)- Ksh13 billion

  • Ksh10 billion to facilitate quick payment of outstanding VAT refunds and other pending payments.
  • Ksh3 billion to be injected as seed capital for the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme.

4. Health- Ksh1.7 billion

  • To facilitate the hiring of 5,000 health workers as well as boost bed capacity in public hospitals.

5. Agriculture- Ksh4.5 billion

  • Ksh3 billion for the supply of farm inputs through e-vouchers for 200,000 small scale farmers.
  • Ksh1.5 billion for the marketing of horticultural products overseas.

6. Tourism- Ksh4 billion

  • Ksh2 billion to support hotel industry
  • Ksh1 billion for engagement of 5,500 community scouts.
  • Ksh1 billion for 160 community conservancies.

7. Water and Environment- Ksh2.4 billion

  • Ksh850 million for the enhancement of semi arid areas through rehabilitation of wells, water pans and underground tanks.
  • Ksh1 billion for flood control measures
  • Ksh540 million for greening Kenya campaign

8. Manufacturing- Ksh600 million

  • Purchase of locally manufactured vehicles.


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