3 Must-Have Apps That Prevent Mpesa Users From Sending Money To The Wrong Number [2023]

The popularity of the Mpesa service has revolutionized mobile money transfer both locally and globally to the extent that it is giving banks a run for their money (no pun intended)

Despite its wide adoption, the service seems not to be 100% foolproof going by the large number of reversal requests occasioned by transactions sent out to wrong numbers.

Subsequently, such scenarios have led to Safaricom coming up with the verification feature known as Hakikisha to prevent any further cases of the above.

The Hakikisha feature provides the option for users to verify the details of the person to whom they are sending money to and is easily accessible via the 3 options below.

1. Safaricom Ussd

Ussd Hakikisha feature

Safaricom subscribers are automatically enrolled into this option.

Once a user attempts to send money or use the ‘Paybill’ or ‘Buy Goods and Services’ option available under the ‘Lipa Na MPesa’ menu, a pop up notification will appear on screen stating the recipient and the amount to be received.

Additionally, it also states that in order to stop the transaction, one is required to send any letter or number within 25 seconds

2. M-Pesa App

Mpesa app hakikisha feature

The Mpesa app allows users to do more on Mpesa fast and conveniently by bringing together all the Mpesa features making it easier to do transactions as well as view and manage financials.

Transactions initiated via the send money, paybill or buy goods option will bring up details of the recipient therefore providing the options of editing them before proceeding.

The app is downloadable on both iOS and Android.

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3. My Safaricom App

Mysafaricom hakikisha feature

The MySafaricom app provides an easy and effective way for customers to access Safaricom products and services under one roof.

It’s functionality is almost similar to the Mpesa app since before transactions can be processed, the official registered details of the recipient are displayed whereby you have the option to cancel the transaction if the details are incorrect.

The app is downloadable on both iOS and Android.

In the event that the transaction goes through to the wrong till number or phone number, Safaricom provides different methods to initiate reversal of the funds.


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